Picking a Wedding Date - How?

Picking a wedding date is one of the first things couples often do. They sit down and decide which weekends will or will not work for them. One thing that I've been noticing increasingly is couples who are flexible with their date. Instead of picking a date that works just for them and then searching for vendors (venues, photographer, dj) that are free for their day, they plan their day by lining up the vendors they are interested in and then finding a date that works for all of them. 

In our opinion, this is a very viable alternative. Why lock yourself into a date that is very popular and block yourself from getting the vendors you want? Why not contact at least a few of the vendors you are interested in to find our their availability first? You may not find a date that works for everyone, but you will have a better chance of working with more of the vendors you selected from the beginning.

We are happy to provide you with a list of open dates, but it does help us if you have a month or several months you are looking at as opposed to "sometime next year"! So, send us an email and let's get this planning started! We do still have dates available in 2016 (especially September this year) so if you are looking to work with us but don't have your date set yet, let us know! We'd love to find something that will work for the both of us.